Leicester’s Hospitals Annual Public Meeting 2016

On 8 September we held our Annual Public Meeting. This meeting gives patients and members of the public the opportunity to learn more about our hospitals by having a look around the information fair which has numerous stalls set up for different areas of the hospital: e.g. infection prevention and Tuberculosis.

I assisted people with setting up their stalls and provided support as and when I was required to help out.

AGM-Annual General Meeting-APM-The Big Shed-08-09-16-43.jpg
Helping organise the event

As people arrived at the meeting they had to sign-in on a register and I directed them where they needed to go to sign in. During the information fair I went and looked at the Heartwize stand (Heartwize is a cardiovascular charity) and learned some tips for basic resuscitation.

AGM-Annual General Meeting-APM-The Big Shed-08-09-16-48.jpg
Learning basic resuscitation techniques from Heartwize

After the information fair there was a question and answer session that gives the public the chance to voice their concerns and put questions to the Chief Executive and Board of Directors. This took place in a room upstairs so I helped disabled and older people into the lift and upstairs so they could attend the session. Following the meeting I helped to post on social media about how it went and put up different pictures and videos to show people what happened. I also did some live tweeting while I was at the meeting so people could follow what was going on as it happened.

AGM-Annual General Meeting-APM-The Big Shed-08-09-16-176.jpg
Sitting down on the job


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